A Brief List of Solid Post-Workout Protein Smoothies

Feeling hungry after a workout is normal. The body burns up a lot of calories during a strength training session. Lifting heavy weights requires energy. The body targets recently consumed food and stored calories for that all-important energy. Eating right after a workout does more than just help deal with the famished feeling you may be experiencing. A post-workout meal restores lost nutrients. Sweat depletes the body of vitamins and minerals. A recovery drink puts them back.


And then there is the matter of giving the body necessary post-workout protein.

Post-Workout Protein Positives

Protein greatly supports the process of building muscle after a workout. A chicken breast or low-fat hamburger patty both could provide the body with many grams of protein. Unfortunately, not everyone has time to cook a meal after a workout. With late night workouts, eating a big meal may not even be an option. Never worry. A good protein shake can provide the body with all it needs.


And the litany of protein smoothies seemingly goes on forever. There are literally hundreds of smoothie recipes to choose from. For those wondering what some of the best post-workout smoothies to make are, here is a brief list:

The Peanut Butter/Banana Smoothie

Combining peanut butter, bananas, and unsweetened almond milk might be the most popular of all post-workout smoothies. The rich and filling nature of this smoothie definitely makes it welcome by those hoping to bulk their muscles up. Peanut butter has a nice amount of fat and protein and bananas deliver healthy carbohydrates. The almond milk adds some additional protein as well.

The Yogurt and Oats Smoothie

Early morning carbohydrate loading remains a common practice among those who want to have the necessary energy before a hard workout. Some may want to load up on carbohydrates after a workout to help restore the glycogen burned up in the muscles. An oat milk smoothie provides one recipe that fits both of these pre and post workout nutrition goals. Combining vanilla yogurt with rolled oats with soy, almond, or coconut milk makes a tasty high-carbohydrate smoothie that delivers quality carbs. Fans of bodybuilding may even choose to go with Greek yogurt. Other types of yogurt may be fine as well, but Greek yogurt provides a protein source.

A Spinach/Kiwi Smoothie

Fruits and grains commonly appear in recipes for smoothies. Vegetables shouldn’t be ignored since they do help deliver nutrients. Spinach, in particular, comes packed with nutrients. A spinach/kiwi smoothie serves up many natural replenishing nutrients for a post-workout body. Chia seeds are commonly added to this type of smoothie since they serve as the requisite protein source. Vegetable smoothies may be an acquired taste, but newbies to veggie shakes may soon find them to be tastier than assumed.

The Blueberry/Banana Mix

Both blueberries and bananas frequently appear among the top ingredients in various smoothies. The taste alone makes them excellent choices. Both fit in with a number of different ingredients as well. So, it makes sense both would be mixed together in a smoothie recipe. Blueberries, in particular, provide a host of antioxidants. Bananas deliver a nice supply of potassium. Neither reflects sources of protein, though. Adding Greek yogurt to a blender filled with water, blueberries, and bananas will solve that deficiency.

Invest in a Solid Protein Powder

Certain ingredients come with a decent amount of protein. Cottage cheese and peanut butter are two examples of such ingredients. Purchasing a quality protein powder mix makes it a bit easier to procure the desired grams. Protein powders come in a host of different flavors allowing them to be used in scores of recipes. Purchase the best quality protein available since the better the quality, the better the protein will be absorbed by the metabolism. Poor-quality protein might not perform as desired rendering it pretty much useless. Go with the best brands to be sure of the best results.

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